Sunday, September 11, 2022

September and the HO SP C-30-1 Caboose ladders are consuming most of my time.

The SP C-30-1 (2, 3) end ladder project is a bit vexing as my skills constructing and soldering the new nickel silver etch ladders have lost a lot over time. They look beautiful still in the etch:

This is a reminder to keep them taped to the 3x5 card being used to protect them when you drill the rung holes. I am using a Starrett drill and #79 drill bit. 

Keeping the ladders straight on the silicon rubber jig I had proposed is not working. This was the second result. The ladder sides are not parallel. Anticipating an attempt to straighten the right side ladder I have not trimmed the upper ladder rung ends completely.  

This caboose lost the ladder and the hand rails and I am bending new ones from brass rod.  

After the SPH&TS convention, I will get back to writing a type of basic instruction manual to be found  on this site in PDF form. I will include the SP standards drawing for the ladders and the C-30-1 handrails in the instructions PDF.  

I plan to use the Plastic Freight Car Model Builders group on for a discussion topic where we can share methods and help building the ladders. I own that group and can both moderate and not step on the toes of any other group.  (The Walthers SP C-30-1 was a plastic justification.)

The initial distribution of the ladder etches for a $5.00 contribution for each etch will be at the SP Historical and Technical Society convention in Modesto, September 14-18, 2022. Any remaining ladder etches will be distributed at the September 25, 2022 NMRA Coast Division meeting.  If there are remaining etches after the NMRA meet distribution, I will let the forum know how to obtain them.

Note that the $5,00 contribution just about covers my costs for having a professional etch designer draw the etch and have a sheet of 72 etches made as a single sheet in the UK. We could not find a North American etcher for small projects like this. By going to the UK we used an etcher who is familiar with model trains and making etches out of nickel silver which has become the preferred UK material for scratch building locomotives.   

I have made arrangements with the designer/vendor of etched kits who helped me with this project as a personally funded commission to order and carry the ladders in the future through their online store so additional ladders will be available with me out of the picture. 

More on this blogsite and to come.