Tuesday, May 15, 2018

More on SP Freight Car Red from a Rattle Spray Can

This is the latest result with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer Oxide Red spray can  which I have decided for me is a good spray can substitute for PBL Star Brand #30 SP/UP Freight Car Red since I no longer wish to use an airbrush.    The Tichy kit has been a test bed for paint and some things I had not gotten right before.  I am working very slowly on  a Westerfield resin B-50-15 and needed some practice

I have just completed decaling the sides. Unfortunately there is not good match in decals for an SP B-50-12 so I had to use a Microscale 87-911 sheet which does not have correct original build dates. The car still needs a bit of work on the virtical brake and underframe before spraying a flat/lusterless coating and then final release to the active fleet. I will consider weathering as my layout setting is 1947-54 and this car would last have been painted in the late 1930's. In 1949 any roadworthy B-50-12's were rebuilt by the SP with steel sides and new ends. I went through at least 4 #79 drills getting all the holes drilled for the Tichy wire drop style grab irons. I also experimented with Grandt Line NBW's to complete the grab irons. The roof walk end supports are bent pieces of brass as the thick plastic Tichy ones didn't look right.

Anyway, I was really pleased with the Tamiya Fine Surface Primer Oxide Red but worried about a touch up color until today when I matched Vallejo Model Color 70.982 Cavalry Brown as an excellent brush paint touch up match within a few angstrom wavelengths of the Tamiya Red Oxide primer.