Tuesday, September 4, 2018

More on SP Freight Car Red from a Rattle Spray Can Update

I was testing the camera on an new Samsung S8 phone and I uploaded it and thought it might illustrate more of the benefit of Tamiya Oxide Red Primer as a base for SP Freight Car Red. The rattle can red goes on smooth with no buildup. It requires almost no cleanup beyond wiping the spray cap with IPA. 

This is a Westerfield SP B-50-15 resin kit that is at about a 98% completion level. I need to add the 4" car number to the ends. The Westerfield decal just wouldn't bend into the curve between the two top ribs. I have other options coming that I may try. 
The Carmer uncoupling levers and brake line details also need to be added.  I have been playing with building it just too long. 

Just peeking out behind the B-50-15 is a Tichy B-50-12, the stock USRA box car kit that was shown in my first post on finding the Tamiya Oxide Red Primer a good close enough substitute for SP Freight Car Red. PBL Star Brand STP-30.  What I did to that car and will do to the B-50-15 is brush paint a thinned wash of Vallejo Model Color 70.871 Leather Brown over the car body after decaling. I wiped the acrylic from the decal lettering surfaces with a Vallejo thinner moistened microbrush before it dried.  This added a browner aspect to the Tamiya primer that to me approximated SP Freight Car Red even closer. If and when I finish the remaining decals and details on the B-50-15, I will try the brown wash on it too.

I have to work on photography with the Samsung S8 a bit.