Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Slowly and Unsurely we plot along on the Port Costa Layout

What you see is the Port Costa trackage that I am shoehorning into my available space. This is more of a diorama than an operations type layout designed to show of my kit building and bashing efforts. It will be DCC for now as true deadrail with no rail power is not yet at a RTR drop in stage. 
This is based on photos of Port Costa in the early 1950's. The period I am modeling is 1952-54 during the time I first lived in San Francisco.  I was only 8-10 years old so did not visit Port Costa at that time. My parents were evangelical teetotalers and would have considered Port Costa at that time a den of iniquity. 
The Bull Valley Roadhouse just a few feet from where the last station building sat is an excellent restaurant with a large and innovative cocktail menu. Unfortunately one has to limit consumption as the windy twisty little road in or out of Port Costa is dangerous sober. 
Starting from the back tracks in order are
  1. Carquinez strait side storage siding
  2. Westbound SP main from Martinez in direction of Crockett
  3. Eastbound SP main from Oakland in direction of Martinez and then splits to Sacramento and Tracy
  4. Track 1 Port Costa switching
  5. Track 2 Port Costa switching
  6. Engine service track 
Then the turntable and in front of the turntable the Port Costa house track with the non-passenger station and freight house.  At the far right there is a siding for the oil and diesel delivery to the engine terminal. The curving track to the far right should continue with the other trackage to Martinez but I am putting in the branch connection for the San Ramon branch that should be 10 miles further on the Tracy line at Avon.  My module for Walnut Creek depot will go behind the desk/workbench.
Note that this will be DCC for now as true deadrail is not yet ready to just drop into HO locomotives. I long for that blessed day when all the electrical wiring will go away.
Left corner with the bend in the mainline towards Crockett
 The west side of the Port Costa layout
 The east side of the Port Costa layout