Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Search for the Elusive Rattle Can Box Car Red

I have been searching for a "rattle can" box car red (BCR) that closely matches Star Brand STR-30 SP/UP Freight Car Red. This past week I came across a color that was new to me Tamiya TS-33 Dull Red and thought I would try it out.

(Note that for many reasons, I can no longer use my garage even on a nice day for setting up my airbrush. I can use my deck when it is not raining or too windy but I live on a hillside and the gusty wind can be constant for days.  Besides I am tired of all the setup and cleanup required for using the airbrush. Painting is always a necessary step but not really an enjoyable part of my model building.)

Alas the TS-33 is a little too pink and not enough brown. I had hoped to use a Tamiya Rattle Can color as they are a finer grade of paint and nozzle than the hardware store Mineral Red spray cans. 

This is the result:

The photo shows a comparison to SP B-50-25 (Andy Carlson IM parts kitbash) and SP F-70-10 (SPH&TS kit) both painted with Star Brand STR-30 SP/UP Freight Car Red.

I will find a use for the TS-33 Dull Red. BCR weathers almost immediately a car leaves the paint shop. As a base for a car that will be weathered it might do well. 

And the search goes on. 

For those of you who might wonder at the few posts on this media, I am the owner and moderator of on the platform where many former Yahoo Groups have fled. At the moment I am, however, building a Westerfield resin kit for an SP B-50-15. There is a another lively group at Most of my recent kit building has been with injection molded plastic kits or modifications to RTR or Blue Box kits.

Suggestions for other fine rattle can solutions are always welcome.