Friday, October 8, 2021

October 8, 2021 and Lack of any Layout or any other Model Railroad Progress

 This is a short note to anyone who glances at this bloggy spot. I recognize I still have a blog but have had nothing I really want to post at this time.  All work on my layout and model projects has slowed. 

At the moment I have turned my attention to the turntable and possible replacement of the mockup stand-in with an actual pit. Bill Schneider (who works for Rapido) did a clinic on his HO NYO&W layout and talked about his building two 76 foot turntables for his layout.  This has somewhat motivated me and  pushed the Port Costa turntable back to the foreground of my myriad layout building tasks. 

I had already procured two one foot square slabs of  half inch PVC sheet. My initial attempt to cut out the pit was interrupted when I stabbed my left hand badly with a utility knife. Three weeks later I am thinking about getting back to the project.  Bill's ideas on building the pit and bridge are roughly similar to my earlier attempts and the half inch PVC sheet idea I got from an MRH blog is very tough material makes this look more feasible. 

More later.